The Village Family Support Center provides the following services:

Consultation: This includes diagnostic interviewing to inform treatment planning, assessment, and support services. We also provide surgical-readiness assessments.

Affirming Therapy for LGBTQ children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Psychological Evaluations for Children, Adolescents, and Adults: Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for to explore learning, executive function, academic, intellectual, developmental, and social-emotional functioning.  Includes feedback sessions with clients to review results of testing, diagnoses, and recommendations to improve functioning at home, in school, and in the community.

Lifespan Consultation and Support Services for Families of Children with Special Needs: From early intervention referrals and educational advocacy, to social skills groups for children and teens and personalized transition to adulthood supports; The Village Family Support Center of Baltimore offers specialized supports from birth throughout adulthood. We also provide counseling, consulting, lifespan planning, and family education for individuals with disabilities and their loved ones, with a particular outreach to the adult autism community.

Psychotherapy: Also known as talk therapy or counseling, psychotherapy is a method for helping individuals live happier and healthier lives.

  • Individual Therapy for Children and Adolescents: To address a variety of presenting issues including anxiety, depression, traumatic stress reactions, grief, interpersonal difficulties, and more.
  • Family Therapy: To address relationship challenges within family units, reduce stress within households, and improve functioning within individual family members.
  • Parenting Skills Training and Coaching: To improve parent-child relationships, increase attachment, and improve parent’s behavior management skills.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Effective interventions for bullying include promotion of effective communication skills, interpersonal awareness, stress and conflict management, and executive functioning supports. We provide students with the skills to protect themselves and their peers from bullying and to learn what to do if they are bullied.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: To train and develop the mind’s resources to achieve peace and thoughtful awareness.

Stress Management: To increase adaptive coping skills to handle stress, as well as increase relaxation within one’s life.

Grief and Life Transition Counseling: Support for individuals and families who are transitioning through various developmental phases (e.g. loss of loved ones, transition from adolescence to adulthood, relocation, etc.), in order to adaptively cope with these changes and prevent further distress.

Group Therapy

  • Parenting Support Group: For parents coping with the challenges of raising children and adolescents, to share experiences, problem solve managing difficult situations, and receive support in handling the stress often associated with parenthood.
  • Social Skills Groups: For children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, anxiety, or other difficulties that impact their ability to form and sustain social relationships with same age peers. Age range and makeup of group members will be determined based on demand, please contact us for further information about current groups.
  • Therapy Groups for LGBTQ and Gender Nonconforming Youth: For children and adolescents to find a safe space to discuss stressors related to identity school, friends, life, and the future.

Educational Advocacy: To help the families of children and adolescents with special needs or learning differences ensure that their children receive appropriate educational programming.

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